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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

This summer, my wife bought me some lovely wooden bowls at a yard sale.  I was looking for a place to park some basil seedlings at the same time and so they became (with some drilled drainage holes) planters.

But, after at the end of summer, I noticed a crack in one.  And, being obsessed with kintsugi, I decided to take a crack at a version involving epoxy and glow in the dark powder (up to this point, I hadn’t even realized that glow in the dark powder was a thing, let alone a cheap thing, and now I keep seeing uses for it everywhere).

Allow me to point out that I know next to nothing about kintsugi or the cultural underpinnings.  I do, however, think it looks awesome.  The same with wabi-sabi.  I can tell you what an American definition might be, but as far as understanding the relevance to the Japanese culture, not so much.

But I do like the patina of age and wear, and use and brokenness that the things that I own tend to have.  I like how it speaks to the impermanence and imperfection of the world ad, to a greater extent, me and my physical form.  And I like things that glow in the dark.  A lot.

This the vessel as it stood, cracked after a summer of use:IMG_20141124_131803573_1

I cleaned out the joint with a dremel and then mixed some epoxy with the glow in the dark powder.  I have no idea what ratio I used.  I dumped it until it looked good.  I’d measure it next time.  I let it cure overnight, cleaned it with some oil soap and brought it inside:


And here – a long exposure in a dark room to show off the lovely blue glow that it has at night.


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